The KNGDM Group Business Accelerator powered by SoTech Ventures is a partnership between KNGDM Group and SoTech Ventures for the purpose of providing comprehensive community empowerment programming to markets where the KNGDM Impact Fund makes investments.

The Business Accelerator program enrolls existing and aspiring entrepreneurs into a series of virtual courses combined with follow-on consulting that is designed to support entrepreneurs of all types (lifestyle businesses, tech startups, small corporates, etc) in building their ventures to the next level and accessing sustainable financing solutions (if needed).

KNGDM Group understands that the problems and challenges facing under-served communities require innovative and customized solutions in order to catalyze real change.

As such, the KNGDM Group Business Accelerator powered by SoTech Ventures will be one of the first accelerators of its kind offering programs that are valuable for emerging high-growth startups as well as established small businesses that have been the cornerstone of communities for years. While curriculum for high-growth businesses is focused on leveraging philanthropic capital as a non-dilutive financing solution, the curriculum for small businesses (also referred to as lifestyle businesses) is focused on new customer acquisition and technology enablement via corporate development.

Most importantly, the KNGDM Group Business Accelerator powered by SoTech Ventures will strategically align its support and investment into the under-served business community with its Opportunity Zone investment efforts allowing accelerator participants to potentially become part of the broader KNGDM Group portfolio.